Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Last Email of the MTC

On Sat, Feb 16, 2013 at 5:35 PM, Nicholas Allan Davis <> wrote:
Wow this is almost surreal. I'm really excited to hear everyone again! First though I have a cool experience. Yesterday we were teaching our teacher and I finally received an inspired question that was absolutely perfect. I've also talked to a lot of people just about experiences in general. I heard a hilarious story too. There were four people living in an apartement on the tenth floor of a building and they had to get rid of a couch. Now it's like part of the family, you can't just throw it away, so they took it to the balcony and poured lighter fluid all over it and lit it ablaze. Then it starts to melt the lanolium and so they see a snow bank down at the ground so they decide to throw it off into the snow bank. So they all pick it up and throw it. The second it leaves their hands guess who pulls around the corner? The mission president. So he pulls up to see this couch that is turning into a flaming inferno fall ten stories into what I'm sure was a spectacular land in the snow. The missionaries see this and get inside as fast as they can. Next thing they know there's a knock at the door. The president walks in and asks, "So what's going on boys?" "We had to uh...retire a couch." "Next time, just throw it away." I was busting up laughing!! it was hilarious. So Monday I'll call you early in the morning and then in DC I was thinking about calling Kristina. Could you ask what time would be good for her? And I'll have my new address then. Oh and I'll tell Amber how her cookies were then too. I just sent my package yesterday and you don't need to send the shirt back to me. Have one of you wear it for a while. I love you all so much. A la prochaine.
-Elder Davis

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