Friday, July 5, 2013

Almost the End of Another Transfer

Date: Mon, Apr 29, 2013 at 1:27 AM
Subject: Almost the End of Another Transfer

Another week come and gone. My exchage went well actually. I found out I'm much better than I was afraid of. There was some people I just went and talked to, they weren't interested at all but they just talked to me about whatever. I talked to a lady about traveling the world and halfway through it hit me like a truck, I'm having a conversation in french in france! I'm understanding the bubbles coming out of this lady's mouth and then responding in turn. It was a really cool feeling. There's a man here (the guy from Algeria who only has two teeth) that reminds me of Uncle Phil. He has the same point of views, the same way of explaining his views and the same way you just have to laugh at how crazy he is. I love going over to his house. Then there's another member here that is preparing for a mission and is a better missionary than any I've seen so far when he goes out with us. He's so awesome and I hope he is able to go on a mission. Yesterday church was really good. After the meeting we had a meal all together and then watched 17 Miracles. It is such a powerful movie. Takes you back to the play that our stake did all together. I thought it's be all in French but it was actually english with french subtitles. That was interesting. I'm so glad for the opportunity to be a missionary here in France. As I'm reading Jesus the Christ there are words that I've never seen before but they're latin based so since I'm learning french I know what James E Talmage is even talking about. Stuff just popping up all over the place. I'm also reading through the Book of Mormon in French (now that I can tell what is going on) and it's very interesting to read because there are some parts that use different words than it does in english so the point is the exact same but there's another word to reach it. It's fun making different bridges to the same understanding. The church is true even in french. So that was my week. Is there anything else you all want to know? This week was pretty quiet so there's not tons to write about. Just remember I love you all and can't wait to see you all again. Until next week. =)
-Elder Davis
On Mon, Apr 29, 2013 at 10:34 AM, Melissa ... <> wrote:
Hi honey. I can't sleep tonight. I'm so glad to get your letters. Tell us how you get around on a daily basis. Bikes? Walking? The train? And tell us about your apartment and the neighborhood you live in.

Love you,

Good evening. It's morning here, almost eleven. We get around by walking mostly. Bigger villes have metros and trams and busses but in Brive anywhere the bus takes us we can walk in about fifteen minutes. We only really ride the bikes to go to the church building because it's hard to contact people on a bike if you're headed somewhere. The train is only if we have to go to another city in our area or to one of the areas in our district for exchanges and meetings (and the occasional P-day). There's an old lady that lives underneath us who only ever gets out of the house to go to the doctor and to buy pain au chocolates for us (it's a roll with some strips of chocolate squirted in). They're pretty good. And then the only other people we really see is the lady that owns the cous cous place below us. She's really nice but then there are restaurants around us and other stores we can't go in to. So there's not a whole lot of neighborhood around us. =)

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