Friday, July 5, 2013

Hello Everybody!

Date: Mon, Apr 8, 2013 at 1:35 AM
Subject: Hello Everybody!

I loved conference. It was really good but sometime this week we need to watch the Sunday afternoon session. If we stayed and watched it it would have ended at midnight here and I didn't have the thumbs up for that. This week has been spent a lot on the train. It was for what is called the Bleu's Conference. Also called conference for new missionaries and come-back conference. It was so awesome to see everyone that I came in with again. Some of them were transfered to my Zone so I'll see them more now. It was great to hear stories about the other areas in France. One of the other Elders had to be emergency transferred because they were getting death threats. Before anyone starts thinking that France is crazy, that doesn't happen here in little Brive. It was up in Lyon but if you look at the map it looks like it may only take a few hours on train to get there, however there is no train from Brive to Lyon so we have to go down to Toulouse, stay the night there, go up to Lyon, head back to Toulouse and stay there and then take a train to Brive. So that's mostly been my week. Up in Lyon I discovered that the mail system sucks. There was a letter that probably got to Provo the day I left but then they sent it to the Mission office in Switzerland and then sent it to the one in Lyon so I got it two months after it was sent. That's the only one like that I've seen so far but it was a little frustrating. I am getting better at French. There's a family here that their goal is to feed the missionaries once a week (no joke) and so this last week it was funny because the hours and hours spent on a train my companion and I pretty much laughed the whole time about how this last week they couldn't feed us. However they made sure to get right on that yesterday. I love their family. There's this cool stuff that everyone gets called Syro. It's flavored syrop that you put with water to make flavored water and no joke everyone has it. We'll be porting and someone will actually be interested so we'll go in and as we sit down out come glasses syro and water with maybe some little crackers too. The French are very nice, for the most part, when you knock on their door. There's not a whole lot to write about this week. I had a great Kebab in Toulouse though that had melted cheese lining the toritlla that it was in. That's the most exciting food story for this week. Well I can't wait to here from you all again. Find out what's going on back in Eugene. à la prochaine.
-Elder Davis
PS... Oh and one thing that I liked about conference is that it gave the missionaries a new name, we're Soul Healers. President Roney has said stuff like that to us in that we're Gatherers of Souls or we're the Black Ops out here in France. Pretty cool when you think about it. I saw a picture that represents missionary work. It's the first vision but from a different perspective, you're seeing it as a person who's falling off the cliff but you're looking up and this person is jumping after you. You then see that he's attached to a rope that is connected to the rod of iron. You then notice that there's a tag on his shirt as he's coming after you. I like that picture but I don't remember what it's called. If you happen to run across it let me know. I may try to draw it too but let's just say I hope you can find the original. ;)

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