Friday, July 5, 2013

Last Week of the Transfer

Date: Mon, Mar 25, 2013 at 2:46 AM
Subject: Last Week of the Transfer
So this week was pretty good. We found a miracle in a lady from Tahiti and a member that passed by at the perfect time to invite her to an activity with the sociatée du secours. And then she came! It was so awesome. We were also contacting and I found probably the only hippy in France. I never thought I'd find someone here that had the exact same mindset as Eugene but voila here she was. She was swinging these balls on the end of strings like fire dancers do but without fire. We walked up and started talking to her about those and next thing I know they're in my hands and I'm making a fool of myself as she's doing everything she can not to laugh at me. She wasn't super interested but she respected us and what we stood for which means some other missionaries will find her and teach her when she is ready for them. I also went to a member's home to eat with a less active and non member with a recent convert there too (lots of numbers that day) and one of the guys brought some spicy stuff that he likes. We actually ate at his house for lunch and he mixed it with ketchup and mayonaise for French Fries (you may be saying that no French person would prepare this in this lifetime and you would be right because he's from Reunion. That island off the coast of Madagascar) and I thought it was good so I took a little spoonful of it and actually thinking that it wouldn't get around to everything but just going to call it good. I start eating and it's all good, a little hot but what's life without a little spice. Well about halfway through I start trying to put moisture back on my lips so I start to lick them and next thing I know my whole mouth is on fire and I'm sweating like a dog in a Chinese restaurant. I then look at the sauce to discover it is habinero sauce. Ok so it's a little hot but I took it and I'll finish it as long as I don't draw attention to myself. No such luck for me, turns out I am bright red and my eyes are like niagra falls. Needless to say I finished it and if not for anything else that family will remember me because of that. It was fun though. I also figured that here in France I wouldn't have everyone tell me that I look like an actor. Of course there's a Frenchman running around with my good looks too. He's a French comedian named Dan Boony I think? I have no idea but I've had just about everyone in the Elder's Quorumn tell me that with one of the amis as well. Oh well. Maybe I can take advantage of that somehow. Oh so you didn't answer my question about my unicycle. I hope that's because you just forgot. Happy Birthday Amber. I sent you a card today so be expecting that. It's pretty cool and I liked it. There's also letters in the mail with responses to letters. On Friday I'll know it I'm being transfered to a different area or not. My trainer keeps joking that I'll be sent to a chinese branch or be made assistant or something but I don't think so. They wouldn't send a bleu there however I asked President Roney his pattern and he says to me "It's simple, I look at a picture of them and ask the Lord where they're needed...that's it." So meaning there is no pattern that one could follow and try to guess ahead of time. I'll know after his call on Friday though. Church on Sunday wasn't very bad, I felt I understood most of it. It is kind of like how I felt halfway through the MTC where I kind of understand but there's still lots I miss and it's hard to express myself. It'll get better though I know it will. Well I love you all and hope that all is well in the english world. I look forward to finding out all the other new things that happen to you. à bientot. =)
PS... So I think you'd all be interested to know that we just got word that the First Presidency gave the thumbs up for emailing friends other than just family so all of you who haven't gotten around to writing a physical letter you can also email at However as always physical letters are loved by missionaries everywhere.

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