Friday, July 5, 2013

Second Transfer

Date: Tue, Apr 2, 2013 at 2:12 AM
Subject: Second Transfer
So the news...I am...drum role...staying in Brive with my father. I'm so glad that I'm staying here. The people and the city here is just fantastic. We just found a golden investigator. For anyone who knows the Preach My Gospel videos (if anyone, if not this doesn't really mean anything) then the two that are living together one being a less active and they're not married at the beginning then that is who we found. He was baptised in 2005 but then fell away and she is a non-member. We called them a few weeks before I arrived and asked them to come. Last Saturday they called and asked what time out of the blue. They were then invited to a soirée familiale (Family Home Evening) with the Villians. The Villians have us over about every Monday just about. There we just shared a message about Moroni and the Title of Liberty and that that was why we are on the Earth, to fight Satan for our God, our religion and our family. We then tied in that God is our loving Heavenly Father. We had a rendez-vous planned for that Friday afterwards and when we show up she comes flying down the stairs to tell us that she prayed (before the missionaries even engaged her to do this) to ask if this church was true and that she got a powerful answer. The only thing standing between her and baptism is the lessons, attending church three weeks, and them getting married. It is absolutely wonderful. The people here are funny sometimes. French people pretty much don't hug, they bise (that kissing on both cheeks) and in fact when you go for a hug they're kind of awkward and don't know what to do. The people who served missions have no problem though because they served with people who hug so it's one of the funniest things to see them give a hug to someone who's not used to it. It's about all I can do to not start busting up. The people who don't realize that missionaries aren't allowed to bise are a little funny too becase you offer them your hand and they're like no I don't mind bising and you have to explain that it's against the rules so it's a little like those movies when someone goes in for a kiss and they lean their head back and offer their hand for shaking instead. It's funny in retrospect. The Friday that the President called everyone to say stay or transfer was interesting because phones were ringing off the hook to know where people are going. In my district there are three areas, my district leader just found out he's training this next transfer and the other area is getting a guy from my MTC district so this is a bleu district. Everyone is still a blue with a trainer for now. It'll be interesting when we do the exchanges for this district because at some time I'll be put with the really new guy and if he's not a native french speaker we're in a little bit of trouble. I'm so excited to see how I do when I don't have an experienced shoulder to lean on though. It should be fun. My DMP and his wife are probably some of my favorite people. They make it a goal to feed the missionaries once a week but this last week they were going around with us and all of a sudden they take a weird turn and say that they're kidnapping us and then laughed maniacally. Turns out they wanted to buy us some rain ponchoes. They took us in as we're as a stubborn donkey and dragging our feet trying to say no it's fine or that we can pay or stuff like that and they just wouldn't accept any of those excuses. I love them though. There are people in the ward that gave us candy for Easter and so now we have like five little bags filled with chocolates. These are really the greatest people ever. Well I love you all. There are people here that remind me of people that I love back home which is really funny. You all are in my prayers daily. Toujours et à jamais.
-Elder Davis

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