Friday, July 5, 2013

Crazy Week

Date: Thu, Apr 18, 2013 at 1:54 AM
Subject: Crazy Week
So as you have seen, this week was a bit different. We had zone conference on Monday and then busy all week until today. Normally this kind of case would have meant the email comes on Tuesday. I learned an interesting word this week, it's the word for hurricane. The word for hurricane is ouragan and yes you guessed it, pronounced exactly like Oregon. When you meet some people and they're like "woa man where are you from?" about half the time (since they have no idea where most of the states are) they think you say that you live in a hurricane and get really confused. It's really funny though. So Mommy you asked about the countryside and stuff like that and it is exactly like Oregon. One section of five minutes you can practically swim in the air, the next it's a fine mist like those rooms in Six Flags for when you're getting overheated and need to cool down, then it's sunny and beautiful only to start pelting you with hail. However I love it here. The land is hilly like Western Oregon is and if you replace most of the evergreen trees with oak trees you have France. Sometimes we'll be on the train and I'll think, "this is exactly like the drive to the coast." I think it was last week but I forgot but I saw flamingoes. Real alive pink birds in the south of France sitting in a marsh eating the stuff they do. Now you may think you must have been going past a zoo or they're fake. however you'd be wrong on both accounts. They were real live pink flying flamingoes. Unfortunately I did not have my camera with me for that. I love service here. You never realise how much service is wanted from the missionaries until you become one and just want to help everyone any way you can. So we're out here cutting peoples trees that need to be cut back and even helping someone dig a trench for the foundation for the house they're building. We do a lot of work for our DMP too. He does something where planting things is his job so he works from home and we go over and help him plant tomatoes or cucumbers or repare his green houses. It's so much fun. And now going back to the helping build a house, I spent an entire day with a pick axe and a shovel trying to dig a trench around a huge hole already made (this will be their storage facility) through rock. We were about seven feet below ground level and right about there the earth is rock hard. If you ever want a quick way to have a sore lower back hack at rock with this pick axe for a day. It was great though. Something about seeing this huge pile of dirt that you've excavated at the end of it is just so satisfying. I would and will gladly do it again. This transfer is going by so fast. Today is my father's year mark on his mission and it's a little strange. He said that it happened in a blink of an eye and in another he'll be home. We keep joking about how he'll be married with a kid by the time I get back which is always followed by "figure that one out" as if you do the math he's only eight months older than me. Well I'll let you go now with this riddle I heard this week, I am strong and I am weak and I know every language having never learned them, who am I?
-Elder Davis =)

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