Friday, July 5, 2013


Date: Mon, Mar 18, 2013 at 2:26 AM
Subject: France!
Yes I can receive pictures to this email and that's a great idea. My mistake, yes he's from Hermiston (however it's spelled) which is eastern Oregon. My routine is that I arise at six thrirty and then do half an hour of exercises. We then spend half an hour getting ready for the day and then an hour of personal study, two hours of companionship study (I have two hours while I'm still a bleu but after that I get one hour) and then an hour of language study. That takes up the time until lunch so after the hour of lunch the real work begins. We visit members and proselyte and stuff comme ça until about eight when we come back and eat dinner and at nine we plan for the next day and then we hang out and listen to talks or something until ten thirty when we go to sleep and it starts all over again. The ami that we have right now used to be Muslim but now he's just searching for himself I suppose. He's an ancien ami actually and he wasn't interested before but I think he is now because he asked us to bring a Book of Mormon in Arrabic for him which is great. Then we have another lesson today with a guy we called on a whim and then another with the friend of a family in the branch during soirée familial tonight. This week has just exploded with members wanting us to come over and people to teach. It's great. This week I had some cool experiences. First I got to give a blessing for my first time in French. It was terrifying but it was super cool and fortified my testimony. It was as though the window into his soul opened and I could see the worries in his life and knew the things to say to make him feel better. The power of the Lord is absolutely amazing. And then I was porting (which no missionary really likes doing) but the second house we ran across the guy was there until Sunday and had never met the Mormons before. He was one of those guys that has read the Bible, the Kurran and so we told him if he wanted to complete his study of other religions it was necessary that he read the Book of Mormon too. Now he's back in Paris though. We left their family with a prayer and we blessed them and also their son who is autistic and that was really special for them and since they're Catholic it was not what they were expecting. There really are people prepared for us, we just have to find them. Church is good. It's getting a little better so I can get the general gist of things but I still miss quite a lot of it. I hope I can either watch General Conference in English or I can understand what's said. since the time difference the morning and afternoon sessions turn into evening and late at night sessions. That ought to be interesting. It's weird to think that my first transfer is almost over. I only get sixteen transfers out here and they'll go by fast. Is it like that for you too? I got your letters this week and I think I'm going to respond in a written letter too. That was this week, I love you all and pray for your happiness. My mission president is very big on prayer, we all have a list of some of the things we should pray for as a mission to receive the blessing in Doctrine and Covenants 29. He told us the first day that God loves and hears everyone's prayers equally but he loves and hears the misionaries a little more equally. And then he went on to say other things about this mission to give us a healthy amount of pride. ;) Well I still want to hear about everything from you all. Lots of love.
-Elder Davis

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