Friday, July 5, 2013

Monday Already

Date: Mon, Apr 22, 2013 at 1:44 AM
Subject: Monday Already

Good morning everyone. This week has been a great one. I'd like to first share something I learned that made me laugh in the Book of Mormon, in 3 Nephi 4:1 it uses the expression "sally forth." That made me laugh. I hope that it'll do the same for you. So on Friday we did more service (last week four out of the seven days were service) but this time we were laying down the foundation for the guy in our ward. This means we took wheelbarrow fulls of wet cement (not the kind of stuff I did with Uncle Phil) about twenty five yards down hill to dump in a big pit. This was a very bumpy road and If you've ever done this with very full loads of sand rock and water all mixed together you'll know that every bump in the road makes it feel as though your arms are being ripped out. Needless to say I'm still super sore from that. Then the next day we started a thing called Samedi Sportif. This is where we played soccer or basketball with the youth and young adults in the branch. I discovered I was better than I thought I was, however then you remember that I'm in Europe where rugby and soccer are like a religion and so just because I was better than the past the eight year old kids who came too were better than I was. But that was really fun. Something about chasing a little round ball in nice weather just means the best time ever. We were then trying to get a rendez-vous with a less-active and when we called he was like, how about some dinner? So we ate with him and it was so good. It was some duck and rice and some kind of awesome stew broth thing. It was great and I ate too much. Oh that reminds me, the lady that owns the restaurant below us invited us to eat cous cous there. It was to die for. It was a plate filled with cous cous and vegetables and great stuff, I'll attach a picture of it. It was so good but it was so much there. We were both a little prideful in our eating and were thinking that we need to finish but at the end I just couldn't eat anymore and there was still quite a bit left. Now imagine feeling like you're about to explode and walking up a few flights of stairs. After some time we made it and just about died but it was so worth it. And then Sundays are always great. There was a family visiting that is from Seattle and so I was talking with them. The little boy was so funny, I start talking to his mom about what brings them to France, how often they visit and stuff like that and their son just pipes in and starts answering my questions so I'm talking to him. He was so funny though, he talked about how he already saw the video about Joseph Smith in the states so he didn't have to pay attention. He then goes on to say he just wants to skip primary to young men's because he feels like he's ready for "heavier stuff." I told him that in young men's you continue to learn the same things but he kept saying that it was different where he lives so I gave it to him and I'll let him realiwe it for himself. He was funny though. and then I ended up keeping their little baby entertained during Sunday School by making my hand like a spider that chased his hand around the chair. Every time he'd pull his hand away real quick as though it'd bight him and laugh and do it again. If there's anything that will chase a frown away it's the laughter of a little kid as you chase his hand around with your spider hand. Overall a very good week. Tomorrow we're doing a three way exchange with my district so it'll be me, a guy who came in with me, and a guy who just got here. You know that saying of the blind leading the blind? It'll be something like that. Well I'll talk to you all later and have you figured out my riddle? Until the next week.
-Elder Davis.Inline image 1
PS: French Tongue Twister - So this one might be fun for you all. I don't know if it's really a tongue twister but it's funny, Le ver va vers le vert verre. I'll let each of you translate that yourself and then go around and say it to people. You'll get a lot of blank expressions which are the best! Love you. =)

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